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What sets Schlegel Bicycles apart from the rest? Fittings.

We believe there is nothing in our store more important than a proper fit, except maybe a helmet. Of course, you also can’t go very far without a bike.

Our fitting specialists are here to help you with performance and comfort issues. We also do custom fittings with each new bike purchase.

DAN CHAPMAN –  FIT SPECIALIST Dan began his competitive career at the age of 9 swimming on the Huntington Beach swim team and Olympic development program. Living close to the beach his athletic development was comprised of swimming in the ocean, running miles in the sand, BMX, biking, skateboarding, surfing just to name a few.

Dan traveled abroad to compete and represent the USA as a soccer player, runner and a swimmer. The bike at this time was just a means of transportation to get from point A to B. Dan is now a retired professional who enjoys teaching, reading and staying updated on the latest human and sport science.

As a former professional and educator Dan offers a wealth of knowledge, patience and understanding for the athlete’s he work with. As a National coach with multiple licenses Dan has sent many of his athletes across the globe to compete internationally. Dan’s emphasis on technique, working hard, nutrition and healthy habits have always been stressed over winning. The details have afforded Dan and his athletes better than acceptable results.

Earning degrees in architecture, advertising design, sports physiology and sports psychology Dan is always researching innovation and how it translates into better addressing the needs of athletes at all levels of their sport.

Are you training, racing or do you want to improve your current fitness level? Visit with our other staff members about any questions you might have regarding fittings, nutrition and training tips.

We provide custom fittings for every discipline, every riding level and for every personal need of the cyclist. We are proud to now offer the Guru Experience. The GURU Experience offers different programs to assist you in finding the perfect bike or optimize your current riding position. The major advantage of the Guru Fit Unit is the ability to change your position instantly while riding, making it a fully “dynamic fit” experience. The Dynamic Fit Unit (D.F.U.) uses servo motors that can change by 1mm increments at the push of a button.

Still not entirely convinced? Watch our fit video and see what its about.

So what exactly is all of this performance stuff?

A biomedical oriented fit is aimed at injury prevention combined with optimal position for performance on the bike. Unlike other industry companies focused on a single fitting protocol, Schlegel utilizes multiple fitting disciplines to make your bike fit as personally as possible. We work with local orthopaedic physicians and physical therapists to provide a comprehensive fitting service, based upon your specific needs, that includes protocols from Fit Institute Slow Twitch (F.I.S.T), The Serotta Cycling Institute, Trek Bicycles, Guru and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine’s Andy Pruitt.

Now you will have the chance to get all of the information needed to train like the pros!

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