Shimano Di2 Ultegra Gruppo

From Marty Buchanan, service manager

A question I get asked a lot by both regular customers and first time visitors to the store is, “What’s new?”
One of the most impressive “new” products that has come along recently is Shimano’s Di2 Ultegra gruppo. Taking the established and Tour-proven DuraAce Di2 and making a more affordable version for everyday riders to enjoy, this ‘next level’ of componentry was a masterstroke by Shimano – making the technology available to a far wider audience.
So, what’s so great about Di2?  Where do I begin!?
Precision After a very basic initial setup (done by Schlegel Bicycles), the shifting requires little to no adjustment, as the derailleur gets moved the same time… every time.  No cables to stretch out or suffer getting road-crud stuck in them.  Every time you hit the shift button your derailleur will shift, making miss-shifts a thing of the past.
Effortless Many riders (especially women) don’t like the amount of effort needed to shift from the small to big chainring, especially at the end of a long ride or under the stress of a race.  Di2 shifting is as easy as pushing a computer mouse button.  In fact – click your mouse button right now!  See how easy that felt?  You just shifted your bike into the big ring… or back down again.
Longevity When DuraAce Di2 came out, the biggest concern was battery life, riders feared the battery would die on a long ride, leading them to be stuck on the road in a bad gear.  This myth has since been put to bed; the battery life between charges on a Di2 battery is 1300-1500 miles (depending on shifting frequency). Even if a ride started on a very low battery, the failsafe system also will disengage the front derailleur after setting in the small chainring (ensuring you won’t have to “big ring” it up some hills). If still hours away from home, the rear derailleur remains usable until the battery completely dies. It will automatically shift into a mid-range gear.  Like any bike-related electronics (lights, computers) it pays to keep tabs on how often you recharge it, but the system features a lighted battery meter for your convenience.
Ease You no longer need to be a expert on gears!   Di2 auto adjusts the “trim” on your front derailleur when changing the gears in back. No more unwanted chain drag when you’re not paying attention. Di2 moves the front derailleur to center the over the chain as it moves in the rear.
The whole gruppo looks good, the battery itself isn’t huge (some wiring kits now even allow it to be tucked up under the back of the saddle!). If you currently have Shimano 6700 Ultegra (or any gruppo), you only need to buy the shifters, front and rear derailleurs, a wiring kit and harness, the battery/charger and you’re good to go!
Complete Ultegra Di2 build kits start around $2500 or a basic kit for just over $1600 (using existing cranks/brake calipers/chain & cassette). We also have a great selection of complete bikes with the full Ultegra Di2 beginning at $4599.99 – come check them out!